Senate Bill 422

This week, I presented SB 422 before the Senate Public Safety Committee. SB 422 is a bill I sponsored with the intent to help our county and local municipalities maintain vacant structures or lots, without going through a lengthy and expensive judicial process. Many times due to an owner moving away or perhaps fire damage, these homes pose a threat to our community in the form of lower property values and damaging community aesthetics. While this bill was not passed out of committee, I am encouraged by the committee’s proposals and look forward to presenting this bill again once it has been polished and refined.

Senate Bill 409

I sponsored SB 409 to provide protection for children who are the victims of child abuse and neglect. SB 409 instructs public schools to post a sign, which displays the phone number for the Department of Family and Children Services, so that children can report child abuse and neglect. Oftentimes, we forget the dangers some children face each night as they head back home from school. This bill would provide a method for these victims of abuse to seek help and comfort without risking harm at home. SB 409 is on the Senate Rules Calendar for Monday and will be up for a vote by the Senate.