Tax Burden Concerns

Rockdale County Annual Budget has dramatically increased under Chairman Oz Nesbitt’s term

2018 $ 67,421,589

2019 $ 68,720,084

2020 $ 74,912,725

2021 $ 79,511,074

2022 $ 83,820,244

2023 $ 93,977,262

2024 $110,993,213

Source: https://www.rockdalecountyga.gov/budget/


Judicial and Administration Complex Costs are Spiraling

Currently the cost for the Judicial and Administration Complex is $140,000,000:

$110,000,000 Bonds

$20,000,000 SPLOST

$10,000,000 General Fund

Per Legal notice on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, there is no cap on the tax amount to be levied on all property in

Rockdale County in order to pay for the $110,000,000 bonds:

“(d) levy an annual ad valorem property tax, unlimited as to rate or amount, on all property in the County subject to such

tax in order to make such Contract Payments”

Source: Rockdale Citizen Newspaper Wednesday, December 20, 2023

If the cost rises the additional burden will be on  Rockdale County taxpayers.


Lawsuits and Insurance Cost

The Cost of EEOC complaints and lawsuits from former employees’ settlements total more than $750,000.00 under Chairman Oz Nesbitt’s term. Source: Rockdale Citizen

Cost of liability insurance has increased from $293,667 to more than $1.4 million.

County’s insurance carrier has paid more than $4.9 million in claims. Source: ACCG Report


Salary increases

Current Board of Commissioners unanimously voted on February 29, 2024, to give themselves a pay raise; after already receiving a $5,000 pay raise in 2022 and a $2,000 cost of living adjustment in July 2023.

Board of Commission Chair, Oz Nesbitt: current salary $128,752.26; new salary $155,883.68.

Post 1 Commissioner (Part time), Sherri Washington: current salary $35,928.36; new salary $42,189.46.

Post 2 Commissioner (Part time), Doreen Williams: current salary $36,001.94; new salary $42,263.04

Source: Rockdale Citizen Wednesday, March 6, 2024


Prime Real Estate

County is purchasing prime real estate in Rockdale County which removes it from the tax digest.


High Density Developments

Chairperson of the Conyers-Rockdale Planning Commission by unanimous motion of all members of the Conyers-Rockdale Planning Commission sent a letter to the Rockdale County Board of Commissioner Chair Oz Nesbitt, Commissioner Sherri Washington, Commissioner Doreen Williams and to the City of Conyers Mayor Evans and all Council members advising a moratorium on multi-family housing. The planning commission cited concerns for sewer capacity and impact on our schools. Multi-family housing while offering another viable and good option for residential living, should not encroach on previously zoned commercial and industrial sites. In their letter to our elected representatives, they cited an article published in the March 3rd edition of the Rockdale Citizen titled “Is Rockdale County becoming a townhouse community?” Our current Board of Commissioners did not act on this recommendation.

High density development not only is an impact on our schools, water, and sewer systems; it also imposes a greater impact on safety; first responders, fire, and traffic congestion. It increases concerns for public health such as hospital beds and response time for 911/EMS calls.



Our current Board of Commissioners continue to blame previous administrations for our failing water and sewer pipes. Chairman Oz Nesbitt has served (2) four-year terms as Post 1 Commissioner and is currently serving his second four-year term as Chairman; for a total of 16 years. Commissioner Washington took office as Post 1 Commissioner January 2017 and Commissioner Williams took office as Post 2 Commissioner January 2015. When do they stop blaming previous administrations?

Source: Rockdale County Website


Rockdale County Schools

Only 23% of elementary students tested at or above the proficient level for reading, and 15% tested at or above that level for math. Only 35% of middle school students tested at or above the proficient level for reading, and 15% tested at or above that level for math. And only 39% of high school students tested at or above the proficient level for reading, and 20% tested at or above that level for math. High School graduation rate is 81.4%. Projected total revenue for 2024 is $200,028,006.00.

Source: US News World Report & Rockdale County Public Schools


Shop The Rock?

As residents of Rockdale County, we are constantly encouraged to “Shop the Rock.” This is a great motto but what message is our current leadership sending to us when they do not “Shop the Rock”? Our current Board of Commissioners have hosted leadership/teaching events outside of our county. We have facilities in our county that have ample space to accommodate these events. Over the years our current Board of Commissioners have spent:

2021 Board of Commissioners Retreat held in Braselton, GA Chateau Elan $24,449.53.00

2022 T.E.A.C.H Retreat held in Greenville, SC Embassy Suites $24,980.00

2022 Board of Commissioners Retreat held in Conyers, GA Costley Mill Park $1,246.79

2023 B.R.I.D.G.E Retreat held in Peachtree City, GA Crowne Plaza $18,000.00

2023 Rockdale County Leadership Retreat held in Columbus, GA Marriott Columbus$11,538.24

2024 T.E.A.C.H Retreat to be held in Macon, GA Hotel Forty Five; estimated $8,060.00

The only event held in Rockdale County was the 2022 BOC Retreat held at Costley Mill Park.

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Ethical Concerns

Commissioner Sherri Washington

Georgia Supreme Court disbarred Commissioner Sherri Washington. Court found Washington knowingly violated her duties to three different clients which resulted in serious or potentially serious harm to all three.

Source Fox 5 News June 28, 2022


Chairman Oz Nesbitt

Revocation of law enforcement certification in 2002. Source: Rockdale Citizen

All information originally provided by “Voices of Rockdale Fact Check Sheet.” Click to View.


Do You Know the Real Chairman Oz?



Workplace Harassment Settlement

Rockdale County Employee Kellie Hunter reported to several in her supervisory chain, including Douglas Chandler, that Chairman Oz Nesbitt had sent her a sexually explicit video in 2022. She later filed an EEOC complaint for discrimination after she was fired. She sued the county and received a total settlement of $141,653.98 that included attorneys fees. This settlement was paid by Rockdale County taxpayers.

Douglas Chandler, was promoted shortly thereafter and went from a salary of $101,049.26 to
$108,122.71 as a Deputy Director of Code Enforcement. His salary is paid by Rockdale County Taxpayers.

Chairman Oz Nesbitt knew there was a non-discrimination and anti-harrassment policy, Policy #2006-4-17
Amended. He signed it in 2019.

Kellie Hunter has given permission to share her story to make others aware. Click on the attachments to learn more.

EEOC intake statement

Settlement agreement

Attorney fees

Employee Policy signed by Chairman Nesbitt

Promotion of document of Doug Chandler to Deputy Director of Code Enforcement


Employee Awarded Severance Settlement for Hostile Work Environment

Rockdale County employee Jorge Diez received a severance package that included a lump sum payment of six months of $105,000 annual salary and 155 days pay for personal time off. Total outlay equalled $60,334.74. Diez resigned shortly after a meeting with Chairman Oz Nesbitt in which Diez recorded Nesbitt berating and belittling him to such a degree that Commissioner Sherri Washington called Nesbitt’s tone “disgusting,” “demoralizing,” and “degrading” when the recording was replayed to her.  You can read a timeline of events here.

Recording of meeting on settlement with the three BOC and attorney 

Source: Rockdale Citizen April 11, 2021, Updated May 19, 2022.


Revocation of Peace Officer’s License

Chairman Oz Nesbitt’s Peace Officer’s license from his employment in law enforcement in Augusta, Georgia, was revoked in April 2002, and signed by POST Probable Cause Committee Member J. Tyson Stephens. He was arrested in 1998 and was the subject of an investigation after he was identified by a college-aged woman as having used a search for drugs as a pretext for touching her inappropriately. Charges were not brought by the District Attorney, however, Nesbitt never appeared for a polygraph test when it was later requested by the POST Probable Cause Committee. You can see the report here.