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Dear friends and supporters in Senate District 43,

Governor Deal has called a special election for Senate District 43.  I served as a Rockdale County for 8 years and completed my service last December. I have always been grateful for the opportunity to get to know my community and the people in it even better.  Needless to say, I took my job as a public servant very seriously, and I am proud of the many accomplishments that have been made in the areas of public safety, economic development, budget reductions, recreation and more. As I look to improve our  community,  I am running to be the next State Senator of District 43, which includes 3 counties and over 157,000 residents.  There is much work to be done, and I need your support to help put our community on the right course for future success.

Part of District 43 has been caught up in the Dekalb corruption scandal and many are frustrated with their elected officials.  I can promise you that I want to be your next State Senator to serve you and your needs.  I am blessed to be in the field of education for the last 25 years and I am well established, with no need to break the laws that were created to establish transparency in government.

My goals are to properly plan so that we can build a strong community that will continue to attract businesses and retailers that will help sustain our tax digest.  I believe in smaller government with local control as much as possible.  A great Quality of Life is something that we all desire.  We want to make sure that we have ethical leaders who can effectively find solutions to key concerns like: ethical challenges, unchecked growth, rising crime rates and a lack of community cohesiveness.

That is why I am seeking re-election to Senate District 43.  It is essential that we preserve the rich resources and heritage of District 43 while embracing changes that build upon our foundation and lead us to an even better District.  Our focus should be on building an outstanding education system, safe neighborhoods, solid infrastructure, an abundance of recreational opportunities in our community and it will result in a much stronger economy for all of us. We must continue to foster a sense of community where we have compassion for one another and work together for the common good.

Some of my top priorities are:

  • Building a solid community that will attract top businesses and bring attractive jobs to Dekalb, Newton, and Rockdale.
  • Working to ensure that the property values of our homeowners continue to increase
  • Supporting and strengthening public safety
  • Ensuring that our state government operates responsively and as efficiently as possible to reduce the burden on taxpayers
  • Promoting smart and controlled development with a comprehensive master plan to preserve and enhance natural resources, critical infrastructure and our overall Quality of Life

I can not win this campaign without your help!  A campaign is expensive and that is why I am asking not only for your support at the polls on Tuesday, November 3 but also for a contribution to my campaign.  A donation will ensure that my message can get out to as many voters as possible and will go a long way in winning this campaign.  The maximum contribution by law is $2,500 for the General Election but a donation of any amount will help us ensure victory on November 3.

I am the only qualified candidate with the vision, financial experience, and knowledge to lead us into the future. Your contribution will help pay for campaign signs, advertisements and marketing pieces to inform voters of the critical importance of this race and why qualifications matter.  The challenge will be great, but with your generous donation and support we can win this campaign and give a resounding defeat to those who do not share our community values.  Together we can ensure a better future for the Rockdale County that we love for our children and grandchildren.



JaNice Van Ness, Senate Candidate 43

Here’s how you can help:

  • Send a contribution to keep Senate District 43 a great place to attract businesses and new neighbors
    Send contributions to: Committee to Elect JaNice Van Ness, 2731 Pitlochry Street Conyers 30094
  • Host a fundraising event or Meet and Greet with friends and neighbors
  • Write a letter of support to the local media
  • Canvas neighborhoods with our message of good government – for the people, by the people
  • Allow us to use your name for our endorsement list
JaNice Van Ness Files for District 43 State Senate Seat

JaNice Van Ness Files for District 43 State Senate Seat

JaNice Van Ness accompanied by her husband and three children visited the Georgia Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday, September 15 to file for qualification in the special election for the District 43 State Senate seat this November.

Van Ness was a Rockdale County Commissioner for eight years and is a local business owner. She is the owner and founder of Peachtree Academy, an early childhood learning center and private Christian school. JaNice is mother to three children and a wife to her husband Ken.

Van Ness is currently chairperson of The Rockdale Republican Party and she decided to run for the seat because she thinks it will put Rockdale County in a great position at the state capital. “It’s a great opportunity for our community to expand our voice,” she said.

Van Ness says her local government experience and connection to the community in both Rockdale and Newton puts her in great position to win the seat. She says that she’s “in touch” with the community by way of her private school and other community organizations where she gives of her time and talents.