Ongoing Issues That Affect Rockdale County


Ethics Reform

  • Champion of Ethics Reform
  • Supports Transparency & Accountability For The Rockdale Commission
  • Proposed an Ethics Board
    • Approved in 2014
    • Next Commissioners Never Appointed Ethics Board Members
  • Will Work with Other Commissioners to Activate a New Ethics Board

Courthouse and Administrative Complex

  • Participated in Initial Planning for Rockdale County Courthouse, the Judicial and Administrative Task Force Project
  • Elected to Chair the Board by Fellow Committee Members
  • Created a Transparent Forum for Citizens to Attend Planning
  • Toured Representative Courthouses and Administrative Complexes with Project Architect
  • Published a Master Plan Recommendation Report
    • Report Was Ultimately Not Followed
    • Resulted in Current Cost Overruns

Expanding to Five Member Board of Commissioners

  • Supports Providing Voters Information on Proposed 5-member board
  • Voters Would Vote on an Amendment During Election Cycle
    • Proposed Legislation Allows for County Manager
    • County Chairman Would Become Part-Time Position


  • Continue to Ensure All Budget Hearings Are Public
  • Ensure Department Heads Are Responsible for Approved Expenditures and Budgets
  • Eliminate Excessive Spending
  • Use Fees from Permits to Enhance Quality of Living of Rockdale County Citizens

Moratorium on Residential Permits

  • Closely Review Planning and Zoning Practices
  • Give Board Time to Assess Infrastructure by Halting New Projects for up to Six Months
  • Balance Housing and Environment Through Sustainable Development
    • Protect Natural Resources
    • Safeguard Public Health
    • Enhance Overall Well-Being


  • Employment is Essential to Move Our Community Forward
  • Georgia ranks 4th in U.S. for Inability to Escape Poverty
  • Set Rockdale County’s Goals to Exceed State Standards
    • Job Training
    • Traditional & Alternative Education for High School Students
    • Better Job Networks
  • Well-Trained Employees Will Reduce Need for Government Assistance

Economic Development

  • Retain & Expand the Growth of Business in Rockdale County
  • Work with State Economic Development Office to Establish New Business Partnerships
  • Make Rockdale a Top Consideration for New Companies
    • Provide Jobs with Living Wages
    • Occupy Real Estate to Support Tax Base
    • Eliminate Old Buildings in Disrepair & Beautify Our Communities
  • Support Government Efficiency & Streamline Business Application Process


  • Educated Workforce is Critical to the Long-Term Health of Rockdale County
  • Collaborate with School Board Members and Superintendent
  • Ensure Each Child Has Opportunities for Success Through a Great Education
  • Education Provides Additional Benefits
    • Financial Independence
    • Gainful Employment
    • Upward Mobility