I am getting settled in to my office in the Paul Coverdell building (324-B) that is next door to the Capitol.  I would love for community members to visit me throughout the session.  We are working on making our office representative of District 43 and we are having an art contest with 3 tiers:  Middle School, High School and Adult entries.  The theme for the contest is “District 43, My Home.” Winners will be announced on February 6 and will be eligible to have their picture made locally or at the Capitol as well as a tour of the Capitol and being a legislative page for the day.  The deadline for submissions is February 4 and entries should be delivered to Peachtree Academy located at 1801 Ellington Road.   From the Monastery and other key tourist attractions to a variety of vibrant community areas & talented artists – we have a rich and unique heritage that I would love to highlight for visitors.